Transition Excellence

Rich Litvin is a world-class coach and expert in taking high-achievers to the greatest levels of success.

As a lifelong student of human behavior, Rich has extensively researched how the tiniest of shifts in perspective can have the biggest impact on those who are already achieving phenomenal success.

Through his cutting-edge coaching, Rich helps his clients make these tiny shifts that change everything.

Rich created Transition Excellence to share the culmination of knowledge and insight gained from over fifteen years of experience as a coach to high-performers.

A thought leader in the coaching world, Rich is the founder of 4PC – a global community of the top 4% of coaches and leaders worldwide and includes almost 20,000 members and co-author of the highly-acclaimed book ‘The Prosperous Coach’.

Today, Rich runs a highly successful leadership consultancy in both Los Angeles and London. His clients include ultra-successful people (those who you would assume don’t need a coach) who are serious about being at the top of their game – and staying there.

Rich’s clients include Olympic athletes, Presidential candidates, Hollywood film directors, Special Forces Operatives, serial entrepreneurs, PhDs, and Harvard Business School alumni.

A scientist by training, Rich has a background in Behavioral Physiology and Psychology. He trained to teach at the University of Oxford and has a Master’s degree in Educational Effectiveness & Improvement.

Rich’s big picture is to mobilize $100 million to educate a million children. His company has helped build five schools in Africa, and he personally has lived and worked in eight countries and on four continents. Born in England, Rich now spends most of his time between LA and London.

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