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To Enroll a $10,000 Client (Or a $100,000 Client), Successful Coaches Need to Master 5 Sales

“How did you enroll your first $100,000 client?” I asked.

She was silent.

Her forehead creased as she pondered my question.

“Really. How did you do it?”

She paused a little longer.

And then she peered into my eyes with a curious look.

She was puzzled.

“I didn’t do anything different to when I enrolled a $10,000 client.” She said.

“Precisely!” I replied with a sly grin…

Enroll a $10,000 Client

A Framework vs. A Formula  

Selling coaching is simple.  

Simple. But not always easy.

Simple. Because the Prosperous Coach framework has been tried and tested by tens of thousands of successful coaches.

The distinction between a framework and a formula is key here…

A formula promises a direct mathematical relationship: “These inputs will result in these outputs. Always.”

You’ve seen the promises: “Learn My Seven Steps to Seven Figures…” or, “Get the Exact Blueprint to How I Built My $20MM Business…”

A “Magic Formula”

Even my son is already learning that there’s no such thing as a “magic formula” in business. For instance, he regularly points out to me how often new restaurants and stores in our local neighborhood open up and then close down when things don’t work out.

The framework of a building or vehicle is its underlying supporting structure. So, a framework is a promise of a basic structure underlying a system or concept.

The Framework

The Prosperous Coach framework is built on a promise that getting clients is built on four elements. Always.

Connect. Invite. Create. Propose.

Read The Prosperous Coach or watch my videos on YouTube to learn how to put this framework into practice.

One of the hardest parts of the Prosperous Coach approach is the actual sale itself. But that’s because most coaches have no idea that there’s actually more than one sale every time you sell a coaching program.

In fact, there are five of them. And your mission is to master all five…

The Real Challenge of Selling Coaching

Most successful coaches have no idea that FIVE sales are actually involved each time they enroll a client.

In fact, most successful coaches think there’s only one sale: “Do you want to be my client – yes or no?”

In order to master enrolling high-performing, high-fee clients is to understand that a sale doesn’t happen once.

There are actually five separate sales that happen when enrolling clients.

#1: To Yourself

Before you can sell anything, you’ve got to believe in it.

Before you can sell coaching, you’ve got to believe DEEPLY in the power of coaching.

If you’ve never invested in coaching, or you’ve never invested in your personal growth or your professional development—an amount of money that actually scares you—how can you possibly ask someone else to do the same in order to work with you?

But once you’ve experienced powerful coaching yourself and you’ve invested in powerful coaching, you are sold on its impact.

People can feel that.

And once you’ve coached more and more people—even if it’s pro bono at the start of your career, your confidence will grow in the impact of the coaching that you do. And people can feel that.

As your experience grows and your confidence grows, the first sale is done. You’re sold.

#2: The Invitation

There’s nothing more precious than someone’s time and attention.

People are unlikely to say yes to an initial deep coaching conversation with you unless they sense that you truly believe that a single conversation can literally be life-changing.

Giving away “free coaching sessions” on your Facebook page is unlikely to enroll many people. That’s just shouting into the noise of social media.

You won’t convince someone to spend their time with you.

An invitation can be gentle. “Would you like some help with that?” can be really intriguing.

An invitation can be simple. “That’s what I do. Why don’t we jump on a call for ten minutes?”

An invitation can be direct. “Once a month, I block out two hours for a coaching session with someone who isn’t a client. There’s a spot open in November and in January. Would you like to reserve one?”

Above all, make an invitation the same way I invite people to my kids’ birthday parties…

With absolutely no attachment.

“It will be awesome if you say yes.

And it’s perfect if you say no.”

#3: The Proposal from Successful Coaches

A proposal is the moment you actually sell your coaching services.

A proposal happens the moment you look someone in the eyes and say, “To work together will take ___ months and cost $_____.”

It can help to let a potential client know your “menu.” E.g., “There are three possible ways we can work together…”

However, don’t confuse this with sending someone an email with your coaching rates. That’s not a powerful proposal, that’s a price list!

If you really want to see me break down how to make a powerful proposal, then watch this video: The Art of the Proposal.

And remember, it’s a really powerful proposal when you “Challenge the ‘yes.’”

Most coaches:

Client: “Yes. I am in.”

Coach: “YIPPPEEE! I mean… please send me a check.”

Rare (successful) coaches:

Client: “Yes. I am in.”

Coach: “Let’s slow things down for a moment. I don’t want you to feel rushed to sign up. In the past, I had people say they were in, but they were not. They quit early. And the truth is that most people quit before they even start.

I am not prepared to let that happen to you.

Until you can answer a few key ( and sometimes hard) questions, I will not let you become a client. I am not looking for a ‘yes,’ I will only work with a client when it is a ‘hell yes’ for both of us.”

#4: When the Buyer Has To Make a Sale

It’s easy for a potential client to say yes to coaching. But then they have to go home and convince someone (like their spouse or business partner) who hasn’t ever experienced your coaching.

I once met a coach whose potential client had told him that his coaching was the best thing he’d ever experienced. He was going home to tell his wife all about it and then he’d mail the check that night.  

The coach was super frustrated because what happened next felt weird…

He never heard from that guy again, and he never even returned his calls. Sound familiar?!

Well, I happened to know the client, so I called him to have a chat… and what I discovered was interesting.

You see, he did exactly what he promised. He went home to tell his wife how amazing the coaching was and was all ready to mail the check that night.  

But his wife got really afraid when he shared about the coaching. You see, she was his confidante and had been for years. When he raved about his new coach, she literally thought this could be the end of their marriage. And he didn’t have a powerful way to make her feel safe and to explain what a gift the coaching could be to their business, their future and their marriage.

Coaching is simple.

We talk. And your life transforms.

But your clients can’t say this to their partner, loved one or business manager.

They can’t say, “I am going to chat to my coach once a week and we need to pay them $20,000!”

They need a powerful way to explain how coaching is so much more than simply having a chat…  

And you need to teach them how to do this.

Watch The Art of the Proposal to see me break down how to do this step-by-step.

#5: Buyer’s Remorse

Sometimes, a few months (or even days) into coaching, a client will begin to doubt themselves, the coaching will feel challenging or results won’t happen as quickly as they’d like. You need to prepare them for this.

Ask them in advance for their pattern.

“You already know how you are most likely not to succeed at this, right?

How are you most likely to slow down, get in your own way or even sabotage yourself?

Let’s make a plan now so that you are ready and prepared in a way that you’ve never been before.”

Get ahead of buyer’s remorse by helping your client get ahead of themself. They will love you for it.

If You Want To Be an In-Demand, World-Class Leadership Coach, You Need to Master All 5 Sales…

With Transition Excellence, you’ll learn to master all five sales—and more.

Love. Rich

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Enroll a $10,000 Client

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