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Overcoming Fear and Building Trust as a Business Coach

As a business coach, creating clients is the easy part. The difficult part is the aspect of overcoming fear and building trust. 

In an article I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I discussed creating clients as a leadership coach. I also mentioned how a swimming teacher helped me realize a significant contrast which separated professional leadership coaches from struggling leadership coaches. 

As I was thinking about that article, the other morning, I was reminded of another lesson one of my son’s swimming teachers taught me and I wanted to share it with you.

Creating Clients as a Business Coach is the Easy Part

My son was two-years old back in 2014 when I saw his swimming teacher had been interviewed by a local newspaper. For over 20 years, this teacher had taught generations of Southern Californians how to swim and paddle in his own backyard pool. 

Listen to what he had to say. I truly love this:

My business isn’t about swimming; it’s about confidence. Swimming is the easy part. The hard part is overcoming fear and building trust.

The article continues by saying, “His legions of fans refer to him as ‘the Swim Whisperer’. He starts kids as young as two and his approach is no-nonsense: he doesn’t use flotation devices or allow goggles because “you need to learn to swim with what you have.” 

This coaching teacher doesn’t offer private lessons as he believes that students learn best from their peers. He also believes that a child’s readiness is irrelevant, that children respond to him because he doesn’t provide them with the option not to. 

Even if they cry. 

Even if they protest. 

He always comes back at them with, “you can do this.” 

Business Coach in front of a crowd

Applying the Principles of a Swimming Teacher


I’m not here to be your friend just like you’re not here looking for another ‘buddy’. My job, the reason you hired me, isn’t to make you feel ‘comfortable’. 

Instead, I’m here to help you lean into your edge, as a business coach, an executive coach, or otherwise. Not so far past it that you get scared, but far enough along that you are able to stretch and grow – even if you DO shed a few years along your journey. 


When you’re enjoying yourself, you’re learning at your best. You learn best when you’re in action – not learning more ‘information’.


No business coach will ever be ‘ready’ to run their first workshop, fill their first event, sign their first $50,000… $100,000… $150,000 client. 

But – don’t wait to be ready. Instead, decide what YOU want and head in that direction. 

As we used to say as kids, “ready or not, here I come!”


One of the biggest gifts that I’m able to give my clients is simple: I refuse to buy their story. I refuse to see the ‘hard lines’ in their world and I refuse to accept what they see as ‘impossible’. 

I one time had a client who was in a panic when she had $30,000 of regular, monthly business, cancelled at short notice. This woman called me in total ‘fear’ mode. 

Instead of sympathizing with this woman, though, I challenged her. Her story? It meant ‘nothing’ to me. 

I sent her back into the world with a powerful mission and she was able to resign the business she had lost within days.


 More than the power of my coaching, often times I believe that it’s just the knowledge that my clients have, knowing that I FULLY believe in them, even when they are struggling to believe in themselves… THAT makes all the difference. 

The clients that I have know what a HIGH BAR I have set in order to work with me. In fact, I consistently turn people away from my Intensives if they aren’t a good fit. 

Simply being a client is a sign of how much trust and belief that I have in you – which speaks absolute volumes. 


 As the swimming teacher I mentioned above knows, we learn better when we’re a part of a tribe. And there’s nothing better than being a part of a tribe of high-performing coaches who are committed to their professional development. 

It’s edgy, but it’s so exciting to learn from one another. 


 A lot of individuals interested in being a business coach don’t realize this, but failure can be fun. Failure is not the objective, but it IS the path to more success. 

I always tell my clients that my MISSION is to have them feel uncomfortable! Uncomfortable is good! RISK IS THE NEW SAFE. If my clients are not failing on a regular basis, then I fire them as a client. 


This underlies everything that you do as a powerful coach

The most successful and the most accomplished clients will give you FULL permission to say to them the things that no one else would ever let them hear. Truthfully, in my experience – they often crave this. 

They will only give you this permission, though, if you have first gained their trust.

Counterintuitively, you will gain their trust by trusting them first. 

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. High nothing, hold nothing back, be authentic… be YOU. 

Risk sharing YOUR fears, tell stories of YOUR challenges… 

And tell stories of your clients successes. While constantly asking for permission.

Don’t be afraid to take them where they don’t want to go.

They’ll feed off of your energy.

So breathe. 



Speaking of fears and risks… 

At this point in time, my then two-year-old son didn’t like putting his head under water on his first day of his new swim class. 

One of the things I talk to my kids about, quite frequently, are their dreams. In this instance, my son dreamed of being a scuba diver and he wanted to dive with his daddy when he got older. 

On my son’s second day, he had learned how to relax and on his third day, he was having fun blowing underwater bubbles and seeing how big his teacher’s eyes looked when they both put their heads under water at the same time. 

As a business coach, or otherwise, what are YOU most afraid of in your coaching practice, right now? Asking a bigger fee? Creating a group program? Signing a high-end client? 

Set your fear aside and think about just how cool it would feel to CREATE that?

Forget your little ‘goals’ and go after what you really, really, REALLY want. Go after what SCARES you. 

Doing this will give you the opportunity to help your clients do the same.

It will change everything.

And Transition Excellence can help.

Transition Excellence and Becoming a Business Coach

As I mentioned earlier – creating clients is easy for a business coach. The difficult part is the aspect of overcoming fear and building trust. 

This is why I created Transition Excellence. 

I can teach you how to work with your fear.

I can teach you how to build trust, both inside your own self and with your clients. 

With Transition Excellence, you will learn how to be the best business coach, executive coach, lifestyle coach, leadership coach… the best YOU, that YOU could possibly be. 

Transition Excellence is a 100-day, self-paced training program which is led by me and my leadership team which focuses on client creation. 

The course is made up of 13 modules.

We have live weekly group calls with me and my leadership team.

Our private Facebook group is full of the most INCREDIBLE people that you’ll ever get a chance to meet and network with.

And more.

Transition Excellence is PERFECT for anybody interested in what it means to be a leader and taking control of their own destiny. 

Whether you’re an already established business coach, you’re just starting out as a coach who is looking for direction, community, or something else, or you’re looking to transition out of your current position in the corporate world… Transition Excellence is perfect for you. 

Additionally, if you’re interested in certifications, Transition Excellence is an ICF accredited course. You can learn more about the ICF by clicking here

What are you afraid of? 

And how can Transition Excellence help?

Love. Rich

PS. If you’re interested in what it means to handle your fear and become a business coach, but you’re not sure about how to take your next step then I’d like to invite you to take my Coaching Excellence Scorecard. This quiz will challenge you on the 4 pillars of coaching excellence. There are no right or wrong answers, only areas for improvement and this is where Transition Excellence comes in.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Hell yes, coaching is definitely for me!” then click the link and book a call with a member of my admissions team today ⏩ Book a Call


We can’t wait to speak with you.

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