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When it comes to Creating Clients, there’s no such thing as a “Hell Maybe”

Sir Ernest Shackleton epitomizes exactly what it means when it comes to creating clients. You see, Shackleton was a polar explorer. Over the course of his career, he led three British expeditions to the Antarctic in the early 20th century. 

Today, Shackleton is acknowledged as a world-renowned adventurer and a charismatic leader.

Back in 2002, BBC ran a poll to determine the “100 Greatest Britons.” Shackleton ranked 11th and was cited as a model leader by the US Navy.

Now, you’re probably wondering how a man who lived over 100 years ago ties into creating clients. 

Well, in 1914, Shackleton became determined to make the first land crossing of Antarctica. Supposedly, he placed the following ad in a newspaper looking for men to join him on this expedition. 

Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.”

You’re going to tell me that this isn’t the ultimate HELL YES versus HELL NO?

20th century ad for creating clients by Sir Ernest Shackleton


A century after Shackleton passed away, we live in the world of social media. Most people pass their time seeking “likes” and looking for attention.

This won’t help you when it comes to creating clients. 

When you’re creating clients or customers, your REAL mission is to seek a HELL YES or a HELL NO. There’s no in-between answer, there’s no HELL MAYBE.


The way the story goes, Shackleton was overwhelmed with over 5,000 applications for his expedition… 

Talk about creating clients! 

Shackleton then narrowed down the required crew to 27. He did this by placing everybody into three piles: 

  1. Mad
  2. Hopeless
  3. Possible

Shackleton’s ad, true or not, is one of the most famous ads in all of history. In fact, it’s often quoted as one of the BEST examples of copywriting. 

Of course, all this time later, we know that this ad probably didn’t exist, at least in this exact format. Despite that, though, it continues to strike a chord with people across the world for some reason. Especially those who are in the business of creating clients.


A friend of mine, Steve Pavlina, is an extremely successful blogger in an overcrowded field. 

Steve attended one of my intensives a few years back. While up on stage, Steve spoke out to the audience and said, 

Your job is to polarize people. You want only 10s and 1s in your business. And in your life. The 10s will love you and the 1s will leave you”


I love what Steve has to say especially in the realm of creating clients.

Personally, though? I like to make an even finer distinction. 

Think about this: what people in your life are a 9.9 out of 10? How about clients who are 9.9s? 

You can even take this a step further – what kind of habits, clothes, furniture, or places would you actually rank a 10? 

You might be sitting there, thinking to yourself, “I have PLENTY of 10s in my life, Rich!” 

But if you take the time to TRULY think about this, you’ll come to a realization. 

You KNOW what a 10 is. You’ve experienced a 10. A 10 is perfection and is precisely what you strive to achieve. 

Which means you also recognize a 9.9 and how this differs from a 10. 

If you want to live an extraordinary life, run an extraordinary business, and have extraordinary clients? Then your mission is to filter out anyone, and anything, that isn’t a 10. 

And Transition Excellence can help you do this. 

Transition Excellence is a 6-month program designed to be completed in 100 days. We are all about creating clients and getting you comfortable with a HELL NO.

Afterall, you know what NO means, right?

Next One. 

You collect all the NOs until you get a HELL YES. And we will teach you how. 

In addition to this, you’ll have access to our INCREDIBLE community. People just like you, maybe people who are more successful than you… but all people who have done extraordinary things in their lives, just like you.

You’ll also be able to take part in weekly calls with myself and members of my faculty. Watch us coach in real time and prepare to be astounded. 

Remember: HELL YES or HELL NO is a filter and formula for an extraordinary life.

So, if you’re a HELL YES when it comes to Transition Excellence, BOOK A CALL with my team.

And then say “HELL YES” to the start of a wonderful  journey towards your new, extraordinary life.

Love. Rich. 

PS. I would also like to invite you to take my Transition Excellence Coaching Excellence Scorecard. This quiz was designed to score you on the 4 pillars of coaching excellence (including creating clients). 

There are no right or wrong answers. Only areas for improvement.

Which is where Transition Excellence comes in. 

Don't leave room for uncertainty when creating clients

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