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Learning to Create Clients as a Leadership Coach

A few years back, my wife and I discovered a swimming teacher who used innovative techniques to work with toddlers. 

Without knowing it, this teacher helped me realize a significant contrast which separates a Professional Leadership Coach from a Struggling Leadership Coach. 

You see, this teacher has had a great track record of helping young kids learn how to swim underwater in only a few days. Which, if you have children of your own and know the world of swimming lessons, is quite impressive. 

The process of learning this technique in such a short span of time, though? 

It’s intense.

Every single kid cried on the first day. Many of the children continued crying for the few days afterwards as the teacher worked with them. Due to this, many of the parents find the crying of their children to be heartbreaking which means a lot of the parents pull their children from the course without seeing the whole course through. 

I asked the teacher about his technique and this is what he had to say. 

Learning to swim does not have to be fun. It is being ABLE to swim that is fun. The learning process is often difficult and learning to swim is a process.”

There is also no specific point at which a child is magically ‘ready’ to swim and truthfully, some may never seem ready. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a preschooler who does not want to put his face in the water. Why would he? What is fun about not being able to breathe or see clearly?

But readiness is irrelevant.”

For Leadership Coaches, Learning how to Create Clients does not have to be Fun

leadership coach and teaching how to swim underwater

It’s a sad truth, but many leadership coaches quit the profession or they go on indefinitely without results because of one fundamental misunderstanding: 

Learning to create clients does not have to be fun. It is being ABLE to create clients that is fun.

Creating clients is a learning process and for many leadership coaches, this learning process is often difficult. It involves deep, inner work, a willingness to say to your clients something they don’t want to hear or that nobody else would ever say to them… it requires an exceptional understanding of the POWER of language and a willingness to fail – again and again and again… 

It’s through the combination of these skills along with the patience and willingness to learn the process to create clients, that provides most leadership coaches with the ability to increase their own income and impact while helping their clients do the same. 

There is no specific point at which a leadership coach is magically “ready” to make bold proposals – some may never be ready.

But readiness is irrelevant.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a leadership coach who does not have a desire to fail.

Why would they? What is fun about taking risks and feeling uncomfortable?

In the end, though, this is the only REAL path to long-lasting success as a leadership coach.

Learning to Create Clients with Transition Excellence

I know how difficult the learning process to create clients is. I’ve gone through it personally. 

But I also know how much more fun it is to actually be able to CREATE clients. And how this “light at the end of the tunnel” moment is completely worth working towards.

It’s precisely because of my personal struggle and the knowledge I’ve gained, though, that I created Transition Excellence. 

Transition Excellence is a 100-day, self-paced training program which is led by me and my leadership team. This program’s primary focus? Client Creation. 

With 13 modules, live weekly group calls with myself and my leadership team, a private Facebook group full of the most INCREDIBLE people that you’ll ever meet, and more, Transition Excellence is PERFECT for anybody who is interested in client creation, learning how to just be yourself (and what that means as a leadership coach in the coaching industry), and learning to understand the value of your own worth

Whether you’re just starting out as a coach, you’re already an existing coach, or you’re looking to transition from the corporate world into coaching, Transition Excellence is right for you. 

Transition Excellence is also an ICF accredited program for those who are interested in joining the coaching industry. Learn more about the ICF by clicking here

Love. Rich.

P.S. If you’re interested in becoming a leadership coach or you’re looking to take your coaching game to the next level, then I invite you to take my Coaching Excellence Scorecard. This quiz is designed to score you on the 4 pillars of coaching excellence. There are no right or wrong answers, only areas for improvement and this is where Transition Excellence comes in.

If you’re a “Hell yes, coaching is definitely for me!” click the link and book a call with a member of my admissions team today ⏩ Book a Call

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