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When it Comes to the Coaching Industry: Just. Be. You.

“How do I describe what I do?” 

“What’s my elevator pitch?” 

“What can I say when I meet people?” 

“How do I tell people I’m in the coaching industry?” 

Young businessman sitting in his office and pondering some questions and answers about working in the coaching industry


Answering the Questions of the Coaching Industry

I see and speak with a lot of people in the coaching industry who are worried about these questions. It goes beyond this, though, as they’re also worried about the answers. They’re worried about how people are going to react.

But the truth of the matter is that they are asking the wrong questions.

There are only 2 things I want to happen when someone asks me, “What do you do?” – I want them to excitedly exclaim, “WOW!” Or I want them to be curious and follow up with something along the lines of, “Really? How do you do that?”

In reality, most of the time a person asks “What do you do?”, they’re trying to ask a question that has a really quick and easy answer. When it comes to asking this question to individuals in the coaching industry, people have a tendency to label you or put you in a ‘box’: “Oh, she’s a coach. I know what that means…” And then the conversation is over. 

This is what I mean when I say that not only are coaches worried about being asked questions, but that they’re also worried about giving an answer.

Let me ask you two questions, though:

  1. What if you could OPEN a conversation with curiosity?
  2. What if you never said you were a coach, ever again? 

Well, I’ve got one answer for you which will address both of these questions.


There are far too many coaches out there whether they’re actually a part of the coaching industry or not!

Instead? Be YOU. 

There’s only ONE of you on the entire planet! Demonstrate your expertise by sharing the results of your clients.

Tell a story, instead. Talk about the impact that you’ve had on the lives of your clients  instead of trying to answer, “What do you do?”

Below are some true examples of answers that I’ve given over the years to that question:

“Well, it’s kind of hard to describe what I do—but the other day I spent an hour talking to an athlete who was struggling to raise funds for her Olympic bid. The next day she called to say she’d raised $40,000 of corporate sponsorship.”

“A woman came to me with an ‘impossible’ goal of leaving a low paid teaching job in Athens, at the height of the Greek economic collapse. Within a year she’d moved to Brazil where she is now a superyacht broker, selling yachts from $30m to $300m.”

“A coach asked me for help to grow his business. He’d made less than $45K the previous year. In the year he apprenticed with me he billed $400,000 and he still doesn’t have a business card or a website.”

Will everyone like what YOU say? Nope. 

Will everyone say “Wow! Absolutely not.

But when it comes down to it, isn’t this going to be the case regardless of what answer you give to ANY question that’s being asked?

You Don’t Need Every Client. You Need the Right Ones.

Look. You are not looking for ‘everyone’ to be your client (at least I hope not). You aren’t going to click with every client either.

The SOLE purpose of crafting an answer to the question, “What do you do?” is to hear your ‘right people’ say “How did you do that?” which is a question worth answering.

Because once they ask you that question, you have the chance to reply with, “I can do better than that. Would you like an actual experience of what I do? What’s your biggest challenge or your biggest goal, right now?”

And then this question turns into a conversation.

How Does Transition Excellence Play a Role?

This is another great question.

Transition Excellence is a program I created as a self-paced training program (13 modules in 100 days), focusing on client creation. In addition to learning how to create clients for your business, you’ll also take part in weekly live group calls with me and my Leadership Team AND you’ll get to join our private Facebook group where you’ll gain access to our INCREDIBLE community which is another great way to learn. 

Transition Excellence is designed for executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to make a change in their community and have an impact in the lives of others around them. Whether this is through coaching, consulting, or something else, Transition Excellence is here to help you. 

We are also an ICF accredited program for those who are interested in joining the coaching industry (remember, be YOU). Learn more about the ICF by clicking here

Love. Rich. 

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