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A Fearless Coaching Session in Action

A few years back, I was in a coaching session with a very well-known actor. This woman came to me one day, very upset that her project had been given to an A-List Hollywood star right as production was getting ready to start. 

At the onset of this coaching session, this woman’s anger and frustration were palpable. Reading this, you might think that her anger and frustration were reasonable – she definitely believed so.

I refused to buy into her story, however. And she was stunned. Instead, I explained to her that she had created a Perfect System for the results that she was getting. 

Taking a Deeper Dive During a Coaching Session

I took a risk during this coaching session as we explored deeply into her experiences, her fears and her beliefs. As she began opening up, she shared with me some traumatic situations and experiences that she had faced as a child. 

Yet, we continued deeper. And as we did so, we uncovered two deeply held, though contradictory, beliefs. 

The first of these beliefs that the woman exclaimed was, “I will be safe once I am successful.” 

The second of these beliefs was, “If I really have success, people will take advantage of me.”

Contradicting Beliefs

The first belief that she held, led her to greater and greater success to the point that she even found fame because so much of her motivation from the initial idea that as her success grew, less people would be able to take advantage of her. 

The other belief of her Perfect System, though, resulted again and again with opportunities being “taken away” from her at the very last minute. 

The truth was that if she was achieving too much success than that meant she could REALLY be taken advantage of and there was no way she would let that occur.

I looked at her and suggested that when she was told by the studio executives, “Sorry, we’re giving this project away to someone else,” that she chose to crumble and accept her fate because, deep down, she was secretly relieved.

She didn’t believe me. 

But then I took a step further and asked her what would have happened if she looked the studio executives in the eyes and told them, “I don’t give a **** how famous the other actor is. She isn’t me. She hasn’t been through the experiences that I have, she hasn’t lived the life that I’ve lived. There’s no one else in the world who understands this project like I do and there’s definitely no one in the entire world who could play this role with the same passion, the same tenacity, the same courage that I will bring to it.” 

Leading Powerfully Through a Fearless Coaching Session

She looked at me, blinking slowly, and then said… “Oh my God.”

And then she sat there, paused in silence, for several minutes. 

Finally, she responded… “I really could have said that to them…”

Learning to Handle a Fearless Coaching Session with Transition Excellence

Look. It doesn’t matter WHO your client is – the person that you’re hosting a coaching session with is paying you to be one of the very people in the entire world who is willing to say the things that nobody else will say to them. 

This is the basic point of what it means to host a fearless coaching session. 

In fact, fearless coaching is at the heart of everything that I teach. 

And with the likes of my new program, Transition Excellence, you can learn more about fearless coaching along with some of my favorite tools and techniques that I use in order to coach even the most high-performing of clients. 

You’ll also be able to network and connect with some of the top coaches and consultants in the TE community. People who are genuinely interested in sharing with you their own best secrets, successes and challenges on their own journeys. 

While our January cohort has already started, it isn’t too late to start 2022 off on the right foot. January is going to fly by and February will be here before you know it. So, if you’d like more information on Transition Excellence then I invite you to Book a Call.

I hope your holidays were wonderful, relaxing, and freeing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that way every day of your life? 

Think about it.

Love. Rich

PS. If you’re interested in learning more about where you might fit into Transition Excellence but you’re not sure where to begin, then my Coaching Excellence Scorecard might be a perfect way for you to get started. This quiz is designed to score you on the 4 pillars of coaching excellence. There are no right or wrong answers, only areas for improvement and this is where Transition Excellence comes in.

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