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Coaches Can Never Have Enough Of What They Don’t Really Need

Coaches often ask me whether or not they should get certified as a coach. 

Before I answer this questions, I always say there’s an important distinction that must first be understood:

Do you want more CONFIDENCE?
Or do you want more COMPETENCE?

If you’re looking to build your self-esteem then that’s perfectly fine! We all can use a little more self-esteem now and again. 

There also isn’t anything wrong with coaches participating in various training sessions which lead to certifications. That is, IF you know why you’re looking for these certifications.


Do you remember the movie, The Wizard of Oz? During her journey, Dorothy meets and befriends the Scarecrow. As Scarecrow has only been around for a short amount of time, he hasn’t yet gained much ‘knowledge’.

Because of this, he confuses his lack of knowledge with stupidity. It doesn’t matter that he has a lot of wisdom, all Scarecrow really wants is a brain. 

Soon after this, Dorothy meets The Tin Man who is made completely out of metal and without a heart.

Despite this, Tin Man ends up being the most tender and emotional of Dorothy’s new friends. Because he doesn’t have a heart, though, he thinks he can’t love. So a heart is what Tinman desires most.

Finally, Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion who believes his fear makes him inadequate to others. 

This, of course, despite him consistently acting in the face of fear. 

Yet, like Scarecrow and Tin Man, he desperately wants what he thinks he doesn’t have. In this case, it’s courage. 

As they progress their journey to meet The Wizard of Oz, they believe their wishes will finally be granted. 

When they finally meet the “Wizard,” however, they are severely disappointed. Instead of a wizard, they find a normal, middle-aged man who has been projecting a fearsome image.

Wizard of Oz and Coaches

A man who even admits to being a “humbug.” 

A man, however, who spent much of his life trying to pretend to be someone that he wasn’t. He was able to see that the things Dorothy and her friends were seeking were unnecessary. 

Scarecrow’s brain, Tin Man’s heart, Cowardly Lion’s courage… 

Scarecrow received a diploma, Tin Man a ticking heart-shaped watch, and the Lion a medal. The Wizard granted their wishes while convincing them that they had received what they sought. 

Isn’t this such a beautiful metaphor for life, in general?

Look, you can never have enough of what you don’t really need. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt to receive a little help on our own journeys, once in a while. 


Maybe you’re a pretend ‘Wizard’, a ‘stupid’ Scarecrow, a Tin Man without a ‘heart’, or a ‘cowardly’ Lion.

That’s okay, there’s no shame in that. It’s the nature of being a human being. We all think we’re less than something we aren’t at times. 

(Read my last blog post, Who the Hell are You?)

Great coaches wouldn’t BE great coaches if they didn’t know this from personal experience. 

At the end of the day, if you believe working towards and receiving a certificate is beneficial to your confidence and self-esteem as a coach? Then it’s perfect!

If you believe that a certificate will help you open doors in the corporate world? Then that’s great! 

And if you continue to take training courses that lead to a certificate because you believe that even the most masterful of coaches never stop learning, then that’s absolutely fine.

Just make sure to take a moment and understand where your beliefs are truly coming from. 

And then make sure you take another moment to smile and remember just how human you are!


Now pause and take a moment.

What are YOU seeking most, right this moment?

Are you looking for a program that can help take your coaching career to the next level? 

Are you looking to transition out of the corporate world (as many other coaches have done)?

Maybe you’re looking for a community that can help you grow, both professionally and personally?

And honestly… maybe you’re just looking for more

Well, then – you’ve come to the right place.

Transition Excellence is a six-month, self-paced training that focuses on client creation and helping people just like you level up. 

By joining Transition Excellence, you’ll have access to our training course, our community, and weekly calls with myself and members of my faculty.

You’ll also have a place where you can make mistakes and learn from them. 

We will help you build your confidence from the inside so you can coach superheroes. 

Whether that’s for 150.00… or $250,000.00… Transition Excellence is perfect for coaches of all backgrounds.

Book a Call with a member of my team, today, to learn more about Transition Excellence. 

I’d also like to invite you to take my Coaching Excellence Scorecard. This quiz is designed to score coaches on the 4 pillars of coaching excellence. There are no wrong or right answers, just areas for improvement. 

Which is where Transition Excellence comes in.

Love. Rich

PS. Transition Excellence is also an ICF accredited program for those of you who might be interested. You can learn more about the ICF by clicking here.

Just in case you’re looking to continue your training towards certifications. 

Cheerful group of coaches of all backgrounds

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