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Become a Coach and Know your Worth

“Are you aware of who Chase Jarvis is?” I like to ask this question to individuals who tell me, “Rich, I want to become a coach.” Why? Because Chase’s story is one that is relatable to my own and many others.

Chase Jarvis is an American, award-winning photographer who was the youngest person ever to be named a Hasselblad Master, Nikon Master, and ASMP Master. 

Way back in 1994, at the age of 23, Chase licensed his first image for $50.00 and a pair of skis – perhaps, somewhat coincidentally, Chase moved to Colorado that year, too. 

Today? His photography sells for upwards of $50,000.00.

Become a Coach and Treat YOURSELF as a Premium Product

In an interview with Ramit Sethi a few years back, Chase was quoted as saying, 

I would rather have people say to me, ‘That’s a little bit out of our budget, but I really want to work with YOU specifically. YOU’RE not just some monkey with a finger on a camera button. What I’m buying is YOUR vision and I’m going to go back to my boss and rally for more money.’

They’ve thought about the value and they’re buying the thing that YOU have that other people in the world don’t have.

What I think about all the time is, ‘How can I position MYSELF the way that I want?’ Which is as a Premium Product. Thinking this way just weeds out so much of the bullshit.”

To Become a Coach takes Psychological Fortitude and Knowing your Worth

Back when I was looking to become a coach, I was scared. This fear followed me as I started my new adventure and in 2007, barely two years into my professional coaching journey, I wrote this on Facebook:

Don't be afraid to become a coach

When I did start coaching, I was only charging people $2.50 per week. This was during a time when I definitely didn’t have the psychological fortitude to know my own worth as a coach as you can see here:

Charging Clients as an Executive Coach

All of this brings us back to Ramit and Chase. 

Ramit followed up his initial question by asking Chase, “How did you have the psychological fortitude to actually be able to say, ‘I should charge more?’ Because most of the people that I first encountered… they’re terrified of charging even a fraction of what they should charge.” 

Sound familiar? I thought it might.

Chase replied, 

First, understand that what people are paying for is YOUR vision. So, YOU need to have a point of view. Second, YOU need to be able to talk about that point of view in the most bullet-proof way, in any situation that supports what they want. Third, YOU have to have a narrative that says why YOUR shit is better than somebody else’s.

Finally, price YOURSELF in a way that makes it so that it’s very clear to them that YOU don’t need them.”

Don’t Just Be Better. Be Different. With Transition Excellence.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to somebody is simply this – make sure that you learn from your mistakes. 

When I started on my own personal journey to become a coach, I was afraid of so many things… I didn’t know my own worth… and, to top it all off, a week after the second post above marked the first time in my coaching career where I was fired by a client:

Transitioning into becoming a life coach

As embarrassing as these might seem now, these all turned out to be wonderful lessons. I don’t regret any of my mistakes over the years. I learned from them during what was a challenging time to grow my business and they’ve ultimately made me stronger than I might have been otherwise.

Besides, me learning from my mistakes means that I get to share with YOU how not to make the same ones. 

Which is exactly why I created Transition Excellence – a self-paced training program (13 modules in 100 days) which focuses on client creation and knowing your worth. Whether you’re looking to become a coach or you’re already an established coach, I know that Transition Excellence is right for you. You’ll take part in weekly live group calls with myself and my Leadership Team, you’ll get to join our private Facebook group where you’ll gain access to our INCREDIBLE community full of the most UNBELIEVABLE people that you’ve ever met where you’ll continue to grow and learn. 

We are also an ICF accredited program for those who are interested in joining the coaching industry (remember, be YOU). Learn more about the ICF by clicking here.

Remember – to succeed as a coach, don’t be a coach. Just. Be. You.

Love. Rich.

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