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3 Powerful Coaching Questions for Growth and Impact in 2022

As 2021 comes to an end, I wanted to make sure that I left you with some powerful questions, no matter where you’re at in your coaching journey. These questions are designed to help you launch 2022 in the most effective and impactful way possible. 

So why not get yourself some cocoa and curl up next to the fireplace before you jump in. 

Before I get started, though, I wanted to say a huge “THANK YOU” to all of you who have joined me in one way or another on this journey of coaching. As a man who has been fortunate enough to build a thriving coaching practice one relationship and one conversation at a time (which is something I literally wrote the book on), I wouldn’t be here without you. Whether you’re a part of Transition Excellence or one of my other extraordinary communities, you’re here for a reason – so thank you, once again.

1. What if I’m Speaking with Somebody About Coaching – But they don’t say, “Hey, how can I Coach with You?”

A few years back, I received a great question from a member of my community:


I have great connections when I’m coaching, and then powerful complementary sessions. But I feel uncertain about what’s next if they don’t say — “hey, how can I coach with you?” by the end of the call. What follow-up steps do YOU take from here? How many calls and how much time do you offer without asking for their business? DO you ask for their business, or do you always wait for them to initiate?

My Response

Honestly? I just keep serving and coaching my ass off until THEY ask ME about coaching together. I once had a really great conversation with a man named Rick who then asked me, “Why didn’t you ask to coach me after our powerful conversation?” 

You see, Rick and I had such a DEEP conversation that it really just didn’t feel like that exact moment was the right time to propose that Rick took me up on my coaching services. Rick is an incredible entrepreneur and I would absolutely love to coach him, but at that point in time, I was erring on the side of not asking. And of course there are other times when I lean towards asking more often – which I recommend asking more often for new members of the coaching industry. 

There’s a chapter in my book called, Never Propose to a Woman 10 Days After you meet Her. There’s no way I would ever recommend proposing that quickly…

But sometimes? You just ‘know’ and you gotta do what you gotta do.

This is the same exact way that you should handle a client.

And believe me, when it comes to this? It’s definitely an art, not a science. In fact, if you really think about it, it’s more like a dance. If you lead too powerfully then your dance partner isn’t going to want to dance with you again because you’re constantly pulling them all over the floor. If you don’t lead powerfully enough then your dance partner won’t dance with you again because it’s a turn off. 

More often than not, I take the time to have multiple conversations and I choose to serve a person again and again. This might be over just a couple of days, or it might be over multiple weeks or over an entire year before they invest in coaching. The thing is, though – I need to educate them on the POWER of my coaching. 

At the end of an experience with you, most people want to be led powerfully – so I would recommend experimenting. Here are a couple of things you can use that might work for you: 

“Would you like to speak again next week to follow up?” 

“Why don’t you call me next Thursday at 10am to share your insights from this call?” 

“Read Chapter 7 from the book I sent you and then email me by Tuesday at noon.” 

“I don’t have a space for a coaching client right now but something is opening up soon—would you like me to call you before I speak to anyone else about this?”

Another Member of my Coaching Community Also Gave an Awesome Response:

If I am inspired by them—I ask, “Would you like to hear what it could look like for us to work together?” Some personalities will say I want to work with you—and more personalities, I’ve learned over the past 7 years, want you to ASK them.

2. Are you Setting Goals, Solving Problems, or Seeking Opportunities?

In the book, Stop Setting Goals if you’d Rather Solve Problems, Bobb Biehl draws a distinction between people who solve problems: people who set goals and people who seek opportunities. 

For me, I understand Problem Solvers. These are the kind of people who are energized and jump into action when they see a problem. This kind of a mindset works really well for me in the business world and coaching industry. Usually, I have the ability to come through and turn around what might be a challenging situation. I ask questions, I search for the root cause of the problem, and I get to think creatively about how to solve the problem. 

I also understand Goal Setters. From my early days of leadership training, I learned how important it was to set up and pursue meaningful goals. I was always taught to ask, “What’s the goal?” And then I would proceed to monitor my progress towards actually achieving this goal. 

After reading Bobb Biehl’s description of Opportunity Seekers, my entire mindset changed. Biehl states that the world contains a small percentage of people (suggesting that this number may be as low as 5%) who aren’t really looking to set any goals or handle any problems. Instead, their deepest wisdom and/or their gut intuition enables them to see opportunity where others may not be able to do so.

And then all of a sudden, it clicked. I’m not a Problem Solver. I’m not a Goal Setter. 

I’m an Opportunity Seeker.

This is why, for YEARS, I kept setting goals and then proceeded to never pay attention to them. I’d put together a To Do list and then completely ignore it. 

Being an Opportunity Seeker is why I’ve been successful in coaching. It’s also why I’ve succeeded at this game of creating clients – I’m not attached to a particular outcome (yes or no). Both answers provide me with the chance to continue exploring new opportunities. 

In fact, I fail far more often than I succeed.

But despite failing again and again and again… There are always dozens of opportunities worth seeking. 

So, I continue exploring for that new opportunity for success. And once I find it? I start exploring once again. 

What about you? Are you a Problem Solver, a Goal Setter, or an Opportunity Seeker? What can you learn from these different ways of seeing the world? 

3. Are you Coaching Extraordinary Clients? Do you want To? Transition Excellence can Help

I implore you to come join me in Transition Excellence’s first cohort of the new year. Transition Excellence is a powerful program for both women and men in the coaching industry – or those who are looking to get involved – who are looking to network, build their business, get a more in-depth understanding of client creation, and who are looking to work with me. 

With Transition Excellence, you are given the opportunity to join an INCREDIBLE community of people who have found success throughout their careers and who continue to build on their success through coaching, consulting, and more. 

Learn to support high-performing clients on their journeys at the highest levels available. 

Practice slowing down and accessessing your deepest intuition. 

Learn and really understand the language of creating clients, the impact of your story telling, and finding the right “dance” type for yourself. 

And finally, experience putting action before perfection. Embracing the “No” and turning it into a “Yes”. 

Transition Excellence isn’t for everybody, though. It might be right for you, if:

  1. You are already running a profitable coaching business
  2. You have a focused professional skill-set and a HUGE entrepreneurial drive
  3. You’ve established a track record of success in another field (business, accounting, teaching, IT, etc.)

If you aren’t willing to feel uncomfortable, if you aren’t looking to make big changes in your life (or the lives of others), or if you don’t believe, at least deep down, that you are already a powerful coach and that you’ve been coaching even if you didn’t realize it… Then Transition Excellence is absolutely not for you.

If you’re sitting there still reading this, though, and you’re ready to say “HELL YES” to coaching, to starting the New Year strong, to hitting the ground running, and to actually adhering to the idea of “New Year, New Me” then I would love to invite you to book a call and speak with a member of my admission’s team ⏩ Book a Call

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season.
Here’s to an incredible start to 2022. 

And here’s to changing the world – one client at a time.

Love. Rich

PS. If you’d like to learn more about Transition Excellence along with my community of executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are taking their coaching business to the next level—take my Coaching Excellence Scorecard.

Excited for Coaching in 2022

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