Transition Excellence

Learn To Create Your Dream Coaching Clients

with Rich Litvin, Author of The Prosperous Coach

We're In The Business Of Transformation, Not Information

Rich Litvin is the coaching world’s best-kept secret.

For the first time ever, Rich is sharing his unique approach to creating coaching clients through his ICF accredited leadership coach training program, Transition Excellence.

This program uses Rich Litvin’s own framework, tools and philosophies to support your transition into a high-impact coaching career, utilizing your own experience and innate leadership skills.

Join our incredible community of coaches today. Start making the impact you were born to make and creating the life of your dreams while transforming your clients’ lives one conversation at a time.

Transition Excellence is for you if:

You are currently exploring coaching and you resonate with Rich Litvin’s philosophy.
You are a powerful leader and want to make a positive impact, coaching other powerful leaders.
You are already a leadership coach, and you want to expand your practice and make a greater impact by utilizing Rich Litvin’s framework for life-changing transformation.

A Transformational 6-Month Coach Training Program Powered By A High-Level Community

Our ICF accredited program uses Rich’s proven coaching framework, exclusive live masterclasses and a vibrant community of high-performing leaders and coaches. You will be equipped with all the tools needed to transition into a successful leadership coaching career.

Join A Community Like No Other

You will gain access to an unbelievable community full of incredible people who were also looking for a change. People who have accomplished extraordinary things throughout their lives and who continue to do so right now.

Access Your Course

Start your journey by learning the foundations of a prosperous coaching practice. Join Rich Litvin in pre-recorded training, enhanced with practical tools and resources, to unpack his essential framework and excel as a leadership coach. We’ve held nothing back.

Create Your Clients

Join Rich and members of his faculty – LIVE – on weekly coaching/training calls. These exclusive masterclasses will provide you with unparalleled, case-by-case training. You will learn proven coaching methods that deliver powerful results, and how to create your dream clients.

Build Your Business

Learn Rich’s secret to success – the strategies he developed to create his own world-class coaching business. He and the entire Transition Excellence community will guide and support you on your journey. Start creating your life and building your business as a successful coach today.
Once you have completed the Transition Excellence program, you will have the opportunity to supercharge your transformation by joining the Transition Excellence Elite community.
Begin your transformation into the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed…

Why Choose Rich Litvin’s Transition Excellence?

Here’s a peek at some of the modules you’ll have access to on your journey.

You Are Powerful

Learn why you being YOU is your superpower, how embracing your past can supercharge your future and how to unearth your innate gifts and find your zone of genius.

Surround Yourself With Power

Learn how to find fascinating clients and how to coach clients who are wealthier, more successful and more intelligent than you. Discover why answering your clients’ questions isn’t the most powerful strategy.

Coaching Your Clients Into Their Power

Learn the biggest enemy transitioning coaches face, how to master one of the most powerful coaching skills and the five elements of deep coaching.

A Powerful Mission

Learn how to draw out a powerful mission from your clients, the way to help your clients dream bigger than they’ve ever dreamed and why the first sale is always to yourself.

Powerful Language

Learn how to use powerful language to take your clients to the next level. You’ll also learn the secret to getting people into action and the distinction between serving vs. pleasing your clients.

Drawing Out Your Client's Powerful Story

Learn how to use your story to enroll clients, as well as how to draw out your clients’ stories.

The Power Of Enrollment

Learn how to make anything, including enrollment, seem effortless. In this module you’ll also learn what people really hear when you tell your story.

The New Prosperous Coach Approach

Rich will share how the Prosperous Coach Approach has changed and how you can make it work for you. You will also learn the new rules of engagement and how to use the Client Creation Dashboard.

ICF Accredited Training

We have been approved by the ICF for the following hours for Continuing Coach Education Credits (CCE):

Core Competencies: 15 hours
Resource Development: 9 hours

5 Core Components To Transition Excellence

Rich designed this 5-component program to support learning and retention and provide valuable coaching application opportunities within the exclusive high-level community.


Imagine it’s 3 years from today. You’ve experienced the best 3 years of your life – personally and professionally. What does that vision look like? How can you make that vision a reality?


There’s a framework for creating extraordinary, high-performing, high-fee clients and there are tools to go along with these strategies. Create your life. Create your clients. Create your legacy.


What is slowing down, stopping or getting in the way of you accomplishing your vision? We can help you work out the mindsets that are currently holding you back and the mindsets that are designed to propel you forward.


There are skills you will need to master. It takes skill to make a bold proposal, to tell stories, to hear the word “NO,” smile and say, “Next One.” We will teach you the skills needed to enroll high-performing, high-fee clients for the rest of your life.


If you don’t work on your energy you can’t make any of the other components happen. But when you do work on your energy, your vision for your future starts to become much more closer to reality.

Final Assessment

After completing the final assessment, you will be eligible to receive your certification – which can be used as Continuing Coach Education credits with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Tuition Fee

Transition Excellence 6-Month Training Package
$ 6,950
  • Different payment plans available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Transition Excellence?

Transition Excellence is a 100-day training. It is self-paced, based on a series of video modules. Plus, you get the chance to put your questions to Rich and his coaching team in group calls twice a month. TE is ICF accredited. You can complete in a minimum of 100 days, but you have access for up to 6 months. And you are part of our private community.

When Does The Course begin?

Once your enrollment is complete, you will have immediate access to the online modules. Your official start date will be the first working day of the following month. This is when your 6-month access begins and you can start to attend the live calls with Rich and his team.

Will I Get To Speak With Rich Directly?

Yes, you will have 2 live group video calls with Rich every month.

What If I Can’t Make All Live Calls?

No problem! All the calls are recorded, and you can watch them as many times as you wish.

What Our Members Are Saying About Transition Excellence

“What do I love most about Transition Excellence? That's a bit like asking me what's my favorite chocolate in the Box? There's so many good chocolates in this box. It's what I love the most. I loved the journey. I love Varian. I have a complete girl crush on Varian now, I think she's absolutely amazing. I love the community, meeting some amazing people there and the stuff we've done outside of the [Facebook] group."
Fiona Ross
Transformational Coach
"Rich, thank you for providing such a powerful experience. I had reservations at the beginning, based on previous experiences, around learning online at my own pace. You not only made it fun and light, you also made it deep and insightful. As I ponder what's next, I am excited for a few research projects I have of my own that I think will be transformative. One of my favorite proverbs comes from the people of Haiti, who know a thing or two about fearlessness: "Beyond mountains are more mountains." With that, I'm headed back to Module one all over again! Thanks again!"
Aundrey Page
Founder and CEO of AD Page Consulting INC
“I joined Transition Excellence for two main reasons. First, I finally wanted to do the inner work and the self-discovery that would allow me to transition from my corporate career into coaching and consulting. Secondly, I wanted to challenge myself to be uncomfortable by stepping into a room full of high performers.”
Mehalah Beckett
Executive Coach to Purpose-Driven Leaders
“My goal with Transition Excellence was to be able to learn how to take my experiences as a manager or CEO and utilize them as a coach. I wanted to feel confident enough in myself and my skills to present myself as a coach and thanks to Transition Excellence, I've found that confidence - and then some."
Michael Cohen
Coach and Hypnotherapist

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